F.A.Q.'s About The Doctor That Pays His Patients!

HWP Females 18-35, Read All Casting Info Below Before Applying

Does Doctor Tampa Still Accept Off Camera Patients?

Yes but on a very select basis since Doctor Tampa has limited free time along with a beautiful and kinky girlfriend. You would play with both Doctor Tampa and Aria Nicole. Their off camera interests are strictly in virgins and twins/siblings. If you are looking for an off camera experience please follow the casting process and indicate you want to remain off camera.

If you do not meet those requirements, you can still become an on camera patient as Doctor Tampa offers patients the ability to hide their face and remain anonymous on camera.

I have no acting experience. Will I REALLY be selected?

Absolutely! Doctor Tampa's fans prefer newer models who have genuine reactions!

We typically don’t work with pornstars as fans dislike cheesy porno acting.

Are there surgical procedures real? Are there needles/scalpels?

All medical procedures are staged. No real medical procedures EVER take place.

Doctor Tampa will NEVER use needles/scalpels.

There's no cutting or bodily fluids aside from cum.

How well are the instruments and sets cleaned?

Better than a hospital as we only have 1 healthy patient each week!

All sets are cleaned with hospital chemicals. Disposable instruments are brand new.

Non-disposable instruments are cleaned with hospital chemicals and heat sterilized.

I’m an established model. Do I still have to send casting pictures?

Portfolios are suitable for initial contacts but we will want to see your current look.

All models must take current casting pictures to be able to complete the casting process.

Should I get an agent before booking with Doctor Tampa?

No. Doctor Tampa wants to discuss his plans with you, not an agent.

He no longer uses agents as they rarely pass along necessary details to models.

Plus, all models are paid the same, so an agent will make you less money after taking their cut.

Will Doctor Tampa book me if I have an agent?

Doctor Tampa's clinic very much prefers self-booking models.

We can send your agent casting info and dates, but we will always communicate directly with you.

Doctor Tampa stopped using agencies as they do not communicate critical details.


If your agent plans on taking a part of your pay, they must licensed in Florida. You and your agents contract is only valid in the state in which its signed and they the agent is licensed.

Doctor Tampa DO NOT work with unlicensed agents or predatory “suitcase” pimps.

Can I film for Doctor Tampa without traveling to Tampa?

No, all models must be able to travel to Tampa, Fl.

Travel is paid for by Doctor Tampa, but you must have the ability to travel.

I can’t afford to travel to Tampa or get STD tested!

Doctor Tampa prepays ALL travel and STD testing expenses.

I don’t even know where to get tested for an STD!

Doctor Tampa will take you to Talent Testing Service in Tampa for a full panel STD test including herpes.

I’m not on birth control and don’t want porno babies!

Neither does Doctor Tampa, so he provides a Plan B pill.

How long will I be in Tampa?

3 full days. Your 1st day is travel and testing. Then 3 days of shooting. Then you return home.

Why can’t we film it all in 2 days?

Each scene requires a lot of setup/cleaning, limiting daily production to 5 hours.

What can I do with my downtime?

You can webcam from one of our sets, relax, or explore the 2-acre yard on a lake.

Can I stay longer than 3 days to visit beach/theme parks/family/other shoots?

Absolutely, just communicate this!

Can I fly back to a different city than the one I flew in from?

Absolutely! You don’t have to return to the city you flew in from. Just communicate this!

Will Doctor Tampa help fulfill fantasies I have?

As long as they are within his limitations, yes!

Do I have input on the storylines we shoot?

Yes! You have input on your scenes! There are 80+ storylines you can choose from!

Are there breaks while we are filming?

Absolutely! A typical day is filming for an hour followed by a half-hour break.

This is repeated until the 5 hours for each day are completed.

How much and how will I be paid?

New and established models are paid the same rate.

It’s a 4 figure number that we do not publicly disclose.


Am I paid upfront?

All travel and testing costs are paid directly by us upfront.

We will directly book flights, Ubers, testing, etc. These act as a deposit.

We will never send any type of fee/payment upfront since you don't have to come out of pocket.

Can I be paid daily for my scenes?

Absolutely! You can be paid daily for your scenes!

How many movies do we film?

That depends on the storylines you choose.

Storylines range from 30 minutes to 5 hours.

We will film for 5 non-consecutive hours each day for a total of 15 hours.

How long from applying will it take to shoot?

About 1 month unless you are local.

What if I have to reschedule?

Just reach out to Doctor Tampa ASAP.

No call/No shows will not be re-booked.

What if I don’t finish all of my scenes?

While this is rare, you will still be paid for any films you complete.

I’m nervous to talk to Doctor Tampa!

Don’t be! Doctor Tampa is really easy to talk to!

I’m scared Doctor Tampa won’t select me!

You will never be selected if you don’t apply!

I’m scared Doctor Tampa will be mean if he declines my application!

Doctor Tampa will never be mean or rude in declining a potential model.

I’m scared to meet/visit Doctor Tampa!

Have you seen his behind-the-scenes? Doctor Tampa’s not scary!

Plus, patients LOVE their treatments and can’t wait to return!

I’m scared of what bad things Doctor Tampa will do to me!

All treatments are pre-negotiated with clearly defined limits that are always respected.

You will never be forced or coerced into doing things you don’t want to.

What if I don’t want to film sex scenes?

That's not a problem. However, you must be local or traveling to Tampa.

We do not handle travel for fetish-only models.

What if I don’t want to film nude scenes?

That's not a problem, but that greatly limits what we can film.

We do not handle travel for fetish-only models.

You must be local or traveling to Tampa.

What if I don’t want to film G/G sex scenes?

That’s not a problem. Just specify this as one of your hard limits.

What if I don’t want to film sex B/G scenes?

That’s not a problem. However, you must be local or traveling to Tampa.

We do not handle travel for fetish-only models.

What if I only work with my own male talent?

That’s not a problem, but it greatly limits how much we can film.

You must be local or traveling to Tampa.

We do not handle travel for couples who only work together.

Questions or concerns not listed here?

Just email casting@girlsgonegyno.com!

We are not casting male, trans, or plus size models.

Ready to apply to become our next patient?

If you have read through all of this websites information, you can find the next steps for casting on the Casting Info page. We look forwarding to helping fulfill your medfet fantasies in a safe and consensual environment on an all-expense-paid vacation to beautiful sunny Tampa, Florida!

WE ARE NOT casting male, trans, or plus sized models.