Do I Need An Agent?

Considering Signing With An Agent?

Any agent, director, producer, or talent who says they need to “test you out” is a predator.

Make Sure Your Agent Can Show You A Recent Herpes Test

Assuming your agent is trying to sleep with you for whatever reason, make sure you ask your agent for a herpes test since most of the agents are super-spreaders as the industry DOES NOT TEST FOR HERPES. This is why Doctor Tampa tests models for herpes, to keep everyone protected.

Agents will tell you to come to Miami/LA and they'll make you RICH! While a few girls do exceptional with agents, MOST DO NOT and your agent will be the one getting richer. Models aren't with agents long once they realize the agent makes all the money in commissions and housing/transportation fees. Agents also own the model house! So you are paying to stay there and paying your agent's mortgage while your agent makes even more money off of you by broadcasting everything you do in that house to the internet via webcams.

While you are paying to be at your agent's model house, you'll be waiting around for hopefully 1-2 shoots each week, especially if you are not fucking your agent.

You may be at the agency for a month or two before you figure out it's not what the agent or their cherry-picked reference promised. Be wary of the "models" that agents tell you to call as references. Of course, the reference is going to tell you how well they're doing! Agents won’t refer you to the 100’s models they’re chewed up and spit out over the years!

Get on google or get on Twitter and find models they previously represented to get a true opinion. No model that an agent currently represents is going to say anything bad about the agent they are trying to get more work from. If you are considering signing with an agency, be very wary of their promises.

If You Sign With An Agency Make Sure You Have A "Self Booking" Clause.

This will allow you to book your own work outside of the agency and not have to pay agent fees for work they did not book.

If you sign with an agency, Doctor Tampa will not book through your agent. Only 1 agent ever adequately prepared models with the knowledge about what he shoots. Every other agent kept sending models with no details other than name, location, and time. Unfortunately, the 1 reputable agent got lazy and sent a well-known porn star friend of Doctor Tampa to a shoot with a new product that had not been vetted.

The unvetted producer physically assaulted her causing bruises. She had to cancel the rest of her shoots for that trip and return home. She lost money, and to add insult to injury, the agent tried to hit her with cancellation fees because she canceled the shoots with the other producers. After all, she was all bruised up from the unvetted brand new producer her agent booked her with! Needless to say, Doctor Tampa ceased my business relationship with that agent who is still licensed and active in Florida.

Doctor Tampa no longer uses any agencies and after 13 years in this business, detest agents for how they treat the people who provide their entire income.

On top of not necessarily making you any safer and not communicating critical details about shoots, agents won’t get you any more money than the payrate we are offering you directly. You would make less since your agent would take their fees. They may get you more money from other companies, but if you don’t reach out to that company first you can’t truly know if your agents are getting you more money. Since the start, Doctor Tampa has paid every model the same rate no matter if you are brand new or have an established name. As his clinics grown, his rate has also grown, but again, always remained the same for any model wanting to book. Doctor Tampa makes niche content that you either want to star in or not, and it sells about the same no matter how big the actress’s name is.

Considering Signing With An Agent?

If you sign to an agency while discussing working together and end up blowing off Doctor Tampa's offer, we will not shoot you once you are no longer with that agency and return to self-booking. It shows you view this as just another shoot and are not the kind of model that's excited to work together making this opportunity a priority.

If you shoot with us pre-agency, we will continue to work with you after you sign with an agent or come off-contract.

Doctor Tampa can shoot a max of 52 models each year allowing him to be selective with those he books. If we have reached out to you, it's because your pictures caught his eye and inspired him in a way that makes him want to work with you at this moment in time. After a few months of running in circles trying to book a model and getting blown off, his inspiration fades, and his interest wanes. So if you want to become a patient and shoot with Doctor Tampa, reach back out right now. You don't need to sign with an agency to work with us!

Agents only have so many people they can book you with and are useless in this day and age of Twitter, OF, and SJ but if you really want to sign to an agency MAKE SURE YOU CAN SELF BOOK YOUR OWN WORK! Doctor Tampa can't stress that enough even if you don't work together. Always use common sense and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

But to all who want to become a patient on CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa and GirlsGoneGyno, take casting pictures, answer the questions, and let's work on getting your doctor's appointment booked!

WE ARE NOT casting male, trans, or plus sized models.